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The ALS Association Indiana Chapter is here to serve the statewide ALS community - patients, families, friends, caregivers and medical professionals. Please let us know how we can help you.

The ALS Association Indiana Chapter
7202 E. 87th Street, Suite 102
Indianapolis, IN  46256

Phone: (317) 915-9888
Fax: (317) 915-9889
Toll-Free Number: 1(888) 508-3232

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm


Meet YOUR ALS Association Indiana Chapter Staff

From the first time you call our office, attend a fundraiser or a support group meeting, you come in contact with dedicated and passionate individuals who make up our staff! While each has a unique set of duties, together we have one goal: to serve Hoosiers living with ALS and connect them to quality information, resources and support as they navigate life with this devastating disease.

tina kaetzel

Tina Kaetzel, Executive Director 

Where I grew up: Davenport, Iowa

Where I live now: Indianapolis, Indiana (Southside)

Joined the Chapter: 2017

Motivation for working at the Association: I am committed to working in the nonprofit sector and driven by my passion to help others and give back to our community!  I wake up every morning to make a difference in someone's life.  I'm honored to work with the ALS Association, providing direct care and services to Hoosiers living with ALS and their families. 

Hobbies: You will find me digging in the flower garden, trying a new recipe, nose deep in John Grisham books, sipping on fine wine with my husband, Jason, or boating on Lake Monroe.  When you visit the office you may catch me doing pirouettes from 15 years of ballet.

Jane Endsley Office Clerk Indiana

Jane Endsley, Office Manager 

Where I grew up: Indianapolis (Westside)

Where I live now: Indianapolis, Indiana (Northside)

Joined the Chapter: 2017

Motivation for working at the Association: I believe in helping people that face numerous challenges and am looking forward to being part of these families and their lives.

Hobbies: I have 6 grandchildren that keep me busy.  I like to read and watch old movies! 

Connie Simpson 2

Connie Simpson, MSW, LCSW, Care Services Coordinator

Where I grew up: Kokomo, Indiana

Where you live now: Westfield, Indiana

Joined the Chapter: 2017

Motivation for working at the Association: I pursued a career at the ALS Association because I was looking to make a change.  I was ready to move away from an in-patient acute care setting to a place where I could still maintain a supportive relationship with patients and families, but really enjoy an out-patient/community.  I am excited to provide a connection between those affected by ALS, their loved ones and the Association as 'wrap around' support!

Hobbies: Bike riding, my family, my two children (Julia who is 19 and a Sophomore, majoring in Nursing at Purdue and Michael who is a Sophomore at Westfield High School), traveling and visiting out of town family. FUN FACT - I am a twin!  We do not have twin names (her name is Jackie) but we are identical!   


Marcia Scantlen

Marcia Sklare, Bookkeeper

Where I grew up: Indianapolis, Indiana 

Where I live now:  Indianapolis, Indiana (I have lived in St. Louis, MO,  Ithaca, NY and West Lafayette, IN)

Joined the Chapter: 2009

Motivation for working at the Association: I'm motivated by the wonderful people living with ALS and their families.  They inspire me to serve the organization behind-the-scenes in providing the services and support they so deserve in fighting this terrible disease. 

Hobbies: Reading, Traveling, Crafts


Kathryn Washam, IN Intern Pic

Kathryn Anne Washam, CHES, Development Intern 

Where I grew up: Chicago Suburbs

Where I love now: Carmel, Indiana (but I commute to Bloomington for Grad School)

Joined the Chapter: 2017

Motivation for working at the Association: I have a strong passion for health related charitable organizations that work to advocate and empower people with certain health conditions.  I have a BS in Public Health from Purdue University and am working on a Masters at Indiana University in Bloomington.  I hope to work for a non-profit someday and plan and implement programs for the underserved. 

Hobbies; Reading (when I can), playing with my dogs, traveling, spending time with my fiance, Manuel and planning my wedding!!!


Judith Williams

Judith Williams, Director of Development

Where I grew up: Indianapolis, Indiana

Where I live now: Indy!

Joined the chapter: 2017

Motivation for working at the Association: I believe that we all can make a difference in this world, I am honored to work with a team of people who feel the same. I am inspired by the hope I've seen from the work we do - during our fundraising events and with the support and backing that we offer to research for better care and ultimately a cure for ALS.  I find it rewarding to know that every day I come to work to make a difference in someone's life!  

Hobbies: SINGING!!! (May catch me singing in the office), Loving on my family, friends and fiance, traveling (working to make this a life priority), Reading, Volunteering