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Programs & Services Provided by the Indiana Chapter

ALSA Center of Excellence Multi-Disciplinary ALS Clinic at IU Health Neuroscience Center

The ALS Association multi-disciplinary ALS clinic provides high quality, comprehensive care for people with ALS and their families.  The clinic is proud to carry The ALS Association certification as a Center of Excellence.  The clinic provides access to numerous medical disciplines with expertise in ALS.  Appointments are scheduled on Tuesdays.  It is located on the third floor of the IU Health Neuroscience Center, 355 West 16th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202.  Dr. Robert Pascuzzi is the clinic medical director and the professional clinic team includes neurologists, a speech therapist, a respiratory therapist, occupational and physical therapists, a dietician, an orthotist, an equipment specialist, and a social worker. 

For more information about The ALSA Multidisciplinary ALS Clinic and other patient programs please contact the Indiana Chapter Care Services Team at 317.915.9888 or 888.508.3232.

Monthly Support Group Meetings

Monthly support meetings are held in various regions of the state. Topics are a balance of educational/informational and social/emotional issues. Click here for more information about these monthly support group meetings.

Nutritional Supplement Program

The ALS Association Indiana Chapter’s nutritional supplement program addresses compromised nutrition leading to weight loss as a common and significant problem in the ALS patient population. Our goal is to provide resources and information to assist in the nutritional needs for all stages of disease progression. Weight loss is a common and severe symptom of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), caused both from inadequate calorie intake and an increased metabolic rate. People with ALS are generally instructed to increase their calorie and protein intake.

Our focus is on:

  • Home delivery for the homebound, where available
  • Specialized “ALS-specific recipes”
  • Nutrition Education for PALS and caregivers
  • Cooking skills education for caregivers and friends
  • “Healthy food options for PALS”
  • Feeding tube resources and information

"Living with ALS" Manuals

The ALS Association is delighted to offer its set of six "Living With ALS" manuals on the national web site. With the color artwork and the same layout and look as the hard copy version, the web-based set of informational manuals can be read online or printed.  First provided in 1997, the set of "Living With ALS" manuals fast became the most valuable single informational resource for the ALS community.  The manuals have been updated and are designed to be read in the order that is most helpful and meaningful to the person with ALS and their family - based on the individual's symptoms. The manuals include:

  • Manual #1 What's It All About?
  • Manual #2 Coping With Change
  • Manual #3 Managing Your Symptoms and Treatment
  • Manual #4 Functioning When Your Mobility Is Affected
  • Manual #5 Adjusting to Swallowing and Speaking Difficulties
  • Manual #6 Adapting to Breathing Problems

Equipment Loan Closet

Donated and recycled durable medical equipment is available for loan to ALS patients, based on medical and financial need, and is free of charge. We gratefully accept donations of quality medical goods to maintain our loan closet inventory. For more information about our Equipment Loan Closet, please contact our Care Services Team at 317.915.9888. 

Caregiver Support

In recognition of the special challenges and needs of ALS caregivers, we annually host a Caregiver Retreat that includes ALS education, encouragement, group discussion, and breakout sessions designed to meet CALS needs.  Additionally, we offer caregiver specific support groups to provide ample time for support and discussion and to connect with other caregivers.  For more resources for caregivers, click here.

Annual ALS Research Update

Our chapter hosts an annual Research Update for the statewide ALS community, which provides a platform to learn about and discuss current trends in ALS treatment and research.

Advocacy and Support Services

Professional care services staff provide information, referrals and support for the entire family.  For information about Care Services, please contact our care service team at 317.915-9888 or 888.508.3232.

Additionally, the Indiana Chapter actively participates in advocacy and awareness efforts, sending representatives to National ALS Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill each May.


The ALS Association Indiana Chapter offers a growing collection of online resources for PALS and their families.

For more information about our Programs and Services, please contact our Care Services Team at 317.915.9888.