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Indiana Care Services

We're here to help people living with ALS and their families
New Patients with ALS - Register today and a Care Services Coordinator will be in contact to address your needs.
We're here to help people living with ALS and their families
New Patients with ALS - Register today and a Care Services Coordinator will be in contact to address your needs.
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Those with ALS come first in everything we do. Our Chapter offers a full range of services and programs to guide and assist you as you learn more about ALS. Our services are provided at no cost to any Persons with ALS or their families, and we are proud to serve Central, Northern and Southern Indiana.

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Care Services Team

For requests and questions about our Programs and Services, please contact our Care Services Team:

Connie Simpson, MSW, LCSW
Care Services Coordinator
Indiana Area
317.915.9888 x3



Care Services Program

Care services is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation, and advocating for options and services to meet the person with ALS’s health needs through communication and available resources. Care services can enhance continuity of care, which ensures that persons with ALS are receiving the necessary care resulting in improved health outcomes, better disease planning and reduction or avoidance of complications.  

  • Care Services Coordinators
  • Monthly Support Groups
  • Home Visits and Virtual Home Visits
  • Disease Specific Education
  • Resources and Services for:
    • Persons Living with ALS and Their Families
    • Caregivers
    • Military Veterans Living with ALS
    • Neurologists

Learn more about our Care Services Program here.Top

ALS Multidisciplinary Clinics

IU Health Neuroscience Center

The ALS Association multi-disciplinary ALS clinic provides high quality, comprehensive care for people with ALS and their families.  The clinic is proud to carry The ALS Association certification as a Center of Excellence.  The clinic provides access to numerous medical disciplines with expertise in ALS.  Appointments are scheduled on Tuesdays.  Dr. Robert Pascuzzi is the clinic medical director and the professional clinic team includes neurologists, a speech therapist, a respiratory therapist, occupational and physical therapists, a dietician, an orthotist, an equipment specialist, and a social worker. 

The ALS Association Indiana Chapter also partners with the IU Health Neuroscience Center to host art experiential workshops throughout the year, which are intended to promote hope and encouragement to our families and caregivers through the medium of art. This workshop is all inclusive and is made fully accessible to all abilities.  Learn more about our Certified Clinics here

IU Health Neuroscience Center
355 West 16th Street
Third Floor
Indianapolis, IN 46202

A Note from our IU Health Neuroscience Center Clinic

Please remember to bring your medical devices/equipment (bipap, Trilogy, AAC device- Dynavox) to clinic visits. Our clinicians can evaluate usage and make adjustments at clinic. Questions may be directed to Angi 317-963-7385.


Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center

The Indianapolis VA ALS Multidisciplinary Team offers specialized and experienced staff who are able to meet the unique and complex needs of both the individuals diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease and their family, and friends. 

Our goal is to provide individualized and holistic care that improves the quality of life of those impacted by ALS.  Beginning with your initial visit, and throughout your ALS journey, our team will be available to provide compassionate care and support. 

Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center
1481 West 10th Street
Third Floor, Specialty Clinic Six
Indianapolis, IN 46202

VA Clinic IN team

Listed from left to right. Dr. David Miller, Rev. Lonnie Sutterfield, Dr. Mark Muckway, Fred, Bill, Joy, Breanne Fleming, Dr. Beth Whittington, Dr. Loretta VanEvery, Mitch Allard, Leah Darling, Jennifer Chambers, Dr. Erin Newton, Becky Chapman.  Not pictured: Dr. Lois Buschbacher, Chris Ingenito, Emily Digos.


Caregiver Respite Program 

The ALS Association Indiana Chapter provides eligible families, living in Indiana, with in-home health care support resources. Being a family caregiver can consume a great deal of physical, mental, and emotional energy. Consequently, respite care is very important because it gives family caregivers of persons with ALS an opportunity to create a plan of care for themselves. Respite care simply means an interval of rest or relief, which can vary among different families.


Equipment Loan Closet

Donated and recycled durable medical equipment is available for loan to ALS patients, based on medical and financial need, and is free of charge.  Our Loan Equipment Closet is provided and maintained by National Seating and Mobility. 

Examples of items in our closet include:

• Lift Chairs
• Mobility Aids (including canes, walkers, wheelchairs, powerchairs)
• Bathroom items (shower chairs, etc.)
• Patient Lifts

We gratefully accept donations of quality medical goods to maintain our loan closet inventory. 

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Nutrition Program

The ALS Association Indiana Chapter’s Nutrition Program addresses compromised nutrition leading to weight and muscle loss as a common and significant problem for those living with ALS. The program provides resources and information to assist with the nutritional needs for all stages of disease progression.

Components of the program include:

  • Nutrition and dysphagia kits
  • Discount purchase prices on nutrition supplements
  • Specialized ALS-specific recipes
  • Nutritional education for PALS and caregivers
  • Feeding tube resources and information