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Chapter Care Services Program

Our Care Services Program makes the following available to Persons Living with ALS, Caregivers and family members. 


  • Social work expertise
  • Education, resources, referrals 
  • Disease guidance 

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The ALS Educational Resource Guide

The Indiana Chapter has overhauled our ALS educational resource materials and created this manual to help you navigate life with ALS.  Sponsored by Plews Shadley Racher & Braun, our hope is that this guide helps ALS heroes and their families by providing practical answers and solutions for life with ALS.  


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Power Wheelchair Charging Instructions

  • The chair needs to be charged every night that the chair is used.  Even if it says it's full!  It needs to charge for 8-12 hours.  But DO NOT leave it plugged in for more than 24 hours
  • Power chair should always be stored/charging in a cool, dry area
  • Charger MUST be plugged straight into the wall.  NO extension cords, NO power strips, Please make sure the outlet is not operated by a light switch
  • Once the charger is plugged into the outlet, the light should be flashing green -this means it's on standby
  • Always make sure the chair is powered OFF before plugging the charger into the chair
  • Once the charger is plugged in the light should be orange.  Once it's 80% charged it will start flashing green/orange.  When the power chair is fully charged the light will be solid green 
  • If the light on the charger is flashing RED this means something is wrong and you need to call your provider

Care Services Coordinators

The role of care management coordinator includes: 

  • Establishing a plan of care with patients, providers, and payers that identifies and continuously reassessing cost-efficient, appropriate levels of care
  • Enhancing communication and collaborative relationships with multidisciplinary healthcare team members
  • Emphasizing continuity of care, thus reducing or eliminating fragmentation, duplication, and gaps in treatment plan
  • Acting as a patient advocate protecting privacy and confidentiality issues
  • Providing patient and caregiver education, monitoring of health needs, and coordinating of community resources
  • Facilitating patient empowerment and quality of life by promoting educated, independent patient choice in all aspects of care


Disease-Specific Education

The Indiana Chapter has an extensive library of educational materials to support the families we serve. We provide community resources and referrals and have a library of books,and DVDs.

Educational Materials include:


Resources and Services 

Our Care Services Coordinators have a wealth of knowledge and resources that can help individuals understand ALS from multiple perspectives. They can provide resources that are specifically designed for Persons Living with ALS, family members (including young children) of those living with ALS, Caregivers, Military Veterans living with ALS, Neurologists and other healthcare professionals.

Resources for Persons Living with ALS and Their Families

Resources for Caregivers

Resources in Social Services

  • Social Security Resources
    • Benefits/Links
    • SSA/SSI/Disability
  • DHS
  • Department of Aging for the State of Indiana
  • Research and Drug Trials

Resources for Military Veterans Living with ALS, Families and Survivors

The ALS Association is working everyday to support people with ALS and their families, including our heroes who have served in the military and who are approximately twice as likely to develop ALS as those who have not served. Visit our Resources for Military Veterans page to learn more about the resources below.

  • PVA
  • Military Hospitals
  • ALS in the Military Brochure
  • Community Awareness and the Military

Hyperlinks to websites outside of The ALS Association are provided as a browsing convenience and do not represent an endorsement of the linked site by The ALS Association. 

Note: At this time The ALS Association is unable to review further requests for resources listings, but we hope to resume the program soon.  Check back for an update to this message.